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Graphic License Agreement--Terms for Using Graphics

The graphics I use to decorate my site may NOT be used by anyone but myself. Please leave my own page designs for me. Only link-back buttons and the graphics offered in the free areas are available free to the public.

You may not cut up, alter or modify any of these graphics other than to add text to blank elements. An exception to this are the Art-icles, that are purchased.

Under no circumstances can you use these graphics to make "tubes" or appropriate them to make other graphical elements. If you want to make tubes, why not buy some fonts from The Dingbatcave? With graphical effects added to them, they make great tubes! Art-icles may be used to make tubes, but they must be purchased.

LINKWARE (items which require no registration or licensing fee): A Link Back to must be provided on each page where you use at least one of my graphics. A button-link is preferable, however a text-only link is also acceptable. An exception to this are the eXthetics, however copyright information (Graphics © Ann-S-Thesia) must be kept on the page. Art-icles do not need a link back.

NEW! linkTO-YOUware: As of December, 2001, everyone registering or purchasing any graphics can now do away with any link to return, I will provide a link back to YOUR site instead! (I do not require this...if you'd rather not have your site listed on my site, that is fine too).

You cannot redistribute any of my graphics or use them to design someone else's pages for profit, unless you purchase the appropriate license.

None of my graphics may be redistributed or included on a compilation CD or in bulk on a free graphics compilation or collection site on the World Wide Web WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE and my consentual agreement. Free graphics collection web sites are welcome and encouraged to add a link to my site(s) and use my link-buttons and even show one or two exmples, but not show a collection of my work for redistribution. If you would like to include my graphics in a collection CD, please contact me! I will require payment for such.

Use by other Web Designers. I do allow my graphic images to be used by other web designers to design sites for clients provided the following conditions are met:

The designer pays the appropriate registration fee.

The designer makes no false representation as to the creator of my graphics. I retain full copyright and shall be represented as the sole creator.

The designer includes my copyright information on my designs that they use.


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