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Thank you for getting in touch.

I am no longer taking custom web or graphic design projects and will not reply to any emails requesting such.

Please read the FAQs below before emailing me, as this may provide a faster answer to your question.

My email is annmagenta at gmail dot com

I will try and get back with you shortly.

Are you contacting me about an order you did not receive or an email I did not reply to yet?

I go through all emails individually and I do not have anyone helping me with this. The time I am on the computer is approximately daylight hours, CST, 7-days a week, during which times I hand-process all notifications of payments received for orders. Obvoiusly I can't process orders at night when I'm sleeping or taking a break or running errands, but I'll get to it first thing the next morning. Please note that there is no automatic way for your order to be emailed to you immediately after you pay for it (I don't have the server space for storage, nor can I afford a programmer to create this for me), but I'm pretty fast for one human!

Please note that if you have not yet received your order, it could be due to a myriad of reasons:

The most common reason why people are unable to recieve their orders is that you provided either Kagi or PayPal with the wrong email address. As strange as this sounds, it is the most common mistake. Please make sure you are using your correct and properly typed email address on all correspondence and orders.

Do you have your spam blocking software turned on? If you only allow email from your friends to get through, obviously new people you do business with online will not be able to contact you.

If you ordered Web Articles or Top Header Graphics in Photoshop layered file format, these files are large. Sometimes an ISP will brand these files as a "virus" because of the large file size, and delete it. If you have some sort of virus protection through your ISP, please email me right after you place your order and let me know you would like to download the file instead.

Perhaps my cable company or electricity is down. This happens once in a while, and during that time I cannot send out any orders.

Has it been days and you still haven't heard from me?

I am rarely out of town and usually it is just for several hours and never overnight. I only take vacations in the fall, at which point I will post it here. During those vacation times, I cannot check my email when I'm travelling, but will try to check my email at my destination at least once a day. Please have a little patience when contacting me then...everyone needs a little R & R.

If for some reason you feel it is taking a strangely long amount of time for me to get back to you, please do not hesitate to email me at the above address. It could be that for some reason I never received your email or payment notification.

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