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eXthetics are exclusive artistic graphic sets that include a navigational interface and other coordinated web graphic accessories to create a cohesive aesthetic ambience and eye-catching statement for your website. Only exclusive licenses are sold of eXthetics...once you buy a license, the set will will not be sold again. This will ensure that you will have an exclusive look that will not be seen on any other site!

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Unlike other exclusive licenses that sell for hundreds of dollars and have a limited time of use, an individual or company can purchase an eXthetic creation for as low as $49, and the license will not expire. Web designers may also purchase a license for an additional $50 which will entitle them to use them on the sites they design as part of their web design business. And unlike linkware, you do not even need to provide a link back to my site (although I would appreciate it very much :-)). All I ask is if you purchase an eXthetic set is to keep my graphic copyright notice on the page.

Demo versions are available via a free online download so that you can try them out before you buy them. Graphics have been marked with the words "DEMO" to prevent unlicensed use. However, these free demo versions are NOT linkware. You must purchase the graphics in order to continue to use them and to get clean versions. I will email you these once your order has been placed.

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Terms of use for eXthetics

Licenses are good for one graphic set only. If multiple sets are desired, each one requires a separate purchase. There are no discounts for purchasing multiple sets.
All graphics sets are sold AS IS. Any additional modification needed such as adding text may be done by the user. User also may opt to commission the artist (Ann-S-Thesia) to provide this service as well. Many of these services are available to the user at a substantially reduced rate. See purchasing information included with all eXthetic zip files.
All eXthetics come set up in an html document. User is under no obligation to keep the same html setup. User may alter html and layout of tables at their discretion. Assistance will not be provided by the artist (Ann-S-Thesia) on how to do so.
Ann-S-Thesia cannot provide any free assistance or tutoring on adding text to graphics, creating mouseovers or javascripting or table set up.
User may not redistribute these graphics unless a Designer Licenses has been purchased, and then user may use these for the design of their client sites ONLY, but not for mass distribution or resale.
If an Individual License is purchased, User can opt at a later date to upgrade to a Designer License for $50.
User will be required to provide Ann-S-Thesia with their URL where the graphics will be used. Individual licenses are limited to one domain/user only. Designer license have unlimited domain usage. Designers will be required to provide Ann-S-Thesia a record of all their clients using the graphic sets.
User may not cut up, alter or modify any of these graphics other than to add text to blank elements.
Graphics © notice must be provided on all pages where graphics are used. Failure to do so voids license agreement.
User agrees to make a backup copy of all graphics they purchase. Ann-S-Thesia will not serve as a safekeeper of these graphics. If the original versions of these graphics are lost, Ann-S-Thesia will not provide replacements free of charge.
The user makes no false representation as to the creator of these graphics. Ann-S-Thesia retains full copyright and shall be represented as the sole creator.

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