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eZ Suites

Simple web elements for the beginner

Unlike my recent Environments which are structurally and visually complex, these suites of webgraphics are much more simple, geared toward the beginning page designer. There is no complicated javascript to worry about. If you are unable to add text to the buttons and nameplate, I can be hired to do it.

These suites are free for personal use ONLY. them, as they would the Environments.

#14, "Klaukra"
#13, "Jeed"
#12, "Xunta"
#11, "Geblonata"
#10, "Saine"
#9, "Kerykor"
#8, "Pollas"

#7, "Fobbed"
#6, "Ansipuku"
#5, "Sulovi"
#4, "Xandyn"
#3, "Knamul"
#2. "Trogle"
#1, "Glylir"

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