These top headers come in a set of 10. No html template is included.

The top image is just one of ten related images that are included in this set. The other 9 are shown below. All are created to work against a black top area/table cell.

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Please read the terms of use so you know which version is right for you.

Web-ready JPEG header graphic: $15 for a set of 10

These graphics will be emailed in a zip file containing 10 individual jpeg files. Note that the free top header graphic from this set is not included with the jpeg files beause it is available for download on this site.

Photoshop 7 (PSD) layered file header graphic: $30 for a set of 10

These graphics will be emailed in a zip file containing one Photoshop 7 layered document which contains all 10 individual sets of images. This allows for greater flexibility of blending and combining images and layers to create hybrid top headers. BONUS: The PSD file will also contain the layered version of the free top header graphic from this set! :)

To get these ten images as unwatermarked graphics, you need to purchase a license. Upon receipt of payment, I will send you the graphics. Just click the corresponding button by the version you want to purchase by PayPal.

Terms of Use

These graphics are available on a non-exclusive license. Only those who have payed the reasonable licensing fee (Users) are allowed to use these graphic on their websites.

Users may alter the graphics as they see necessary, however it is recommended one purchase the PSD version in that case as altering a jpg version sometimes results in loss of quality.

Users who have purchased the Photoshop Layered File option may use the original file to create different variations on it for sets which may in turn be distributed or sold in gif, jpeg or png format. User is NOT ALLOWED to redistribute the original images in a layered or PSD format, as that would be redistributing the original images.

User may opt to use graphics to design additional sites besides their own provided the $30 PSD license is purchased.

Users of the $15 JPEG license are only granted use on one website.

All graphics are sold AS IS. Any additional modification needed such as adding text or color changes may be done by the User.

Ann-S-Thesia cannot provide any free assistance or tutoring on any graphic techniques, adding text to graphics, creating mouseovers or javascripting or table set up.

User agrees to make a backup copy of all graphics they purchase. Ann-S-Thesia will not serve as a safekeeper of these graphics. If the original versions of these graphics are lost, Ann-S-Thesia may or may not at her discretion provide replacements free of charge.

Although no link-back or credit is required, the user makes no false representation as to the original creator of these images. Ann Stretton (Ann-S-Thesia) retains full copyright on all the top header graphics and template offered on her site.