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Psychedellic Trailers

You can use these trailer graphics (the little gems that follow your cursor around) with the Cursor Trailer Script courtesy of Dynamic Drive. Please go there to download the scripts and read the directions of installation.

See a demo in action...the script doesn't work too well with later browsers, so use with caution.

You can also use these as embellishments on your page such as bullets, etc., as long as a link is made to on each page you use them.

NEW! All Cursor Gems are now also LinkTO-YOUware...a twist on Linkware. When you send in a donation to support this site/resource, we'll include a link back to you from our supporters page. The last 20 supporters get a link on our main page. It's just our way of saying "thank you" for helping keep this site running.

Any questions regarding the script should be redirected to Dynamic Drive. Remember to change the names and sizes of the graphics in the script array to reflect the names and sizes I've given them, or else it won't work.

I've now compiled all these cursor gems in a zip file, including ones I have never released before.

There are 66 different sets, for dark, light and medium backgrounds. I've compiled them into 11 different downloads of 6 sets each, as one monstrous download does not work as well as separate ones. Each download is approximately 120 kilobytes.

Download zip file 1.
Download zip file 2.
Download zip file 3.
Download zip file 4.
Download zip file 5.
Download zip file 6.
Download zip file 7.
Download zip file 8.
Download zip file 9.
Download zip file 10.
Download zip file 11.

These graphic gems are free for you to use as long as you link back to me on the page you use them and do not redistribute them. Please refer to the terms of use or read_me.html file contained within the download.

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