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NEW! A review of Various Astral Photoshop Plugins

SSI Image Secrets Learn how to use Server Side Includes with images for unique, changing content

A review of AutoFX's Mystical Series plug-in package for Photoshop

A review of AutoFX's DreamSuite plug-in package for Photoshop

Add a new twist to backgrounds and images by making ghost gifs.

Use The Dingbatcave's Tiling Fonts to make tiling backgrounds and borders

Set up a Top-Bordered Background that doesn't repeat on the way down the page

Construct a Full-Bordered Background to get full-surround bordered interface

Make a Paisley-patterned background in a few easy steps

Make a Pearl in 2 steps


NEW! Review of Various Astral Plugins

SSI Image Secrets

Review of AutoFX Mystical Series

Review of AutoFX DreamSuite

Ghost Gif

Top-Bordered Background

Full-Bordered Background

Paisley-patterned Background


Tiling Fonts at The Dingbatcave

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